Keyholder and Response Service

24 hours a day 365 days a year, Classic is your own personal emergency service

It's 3am and you're told that an alarm has activated at your premises: -

•  Do you want your staff disturbed at home?
•  Are they able to respond safely?
•  How quickly could they respond?
•  Have they received any training in alarm response?
•  Is it fair to ask them to risk disturbing an intruder?
•  Will they have to wait for an engineer?
•  Will they be able to give 100% after a disturbed night?
•  What happens when they are sick?
•  Or on holiday?
•  Or out for the night/weekend?
•  Or it's Christmas?

 You can forget these concerns by using our keyholder and response service. We use a national network of Response Officers who are vetted, trained and always available . Simply give us the keys and the alarm codes, both of which will be held under strictly secure conditions, and we will do the rest. When your alarm activates we will despatch an officer with they keys to investigate the cause, liase with the police, arrange for your alarm to be reset and leave you a report of the incident. We can, if required, arrange for emergency boarding up or other services. Your staff will not be disturbed unless there has been a serious incident. The alarm response service need not be limited to attending to intruder alarms – process alarms, plant alarms, lone worker alarms also require investigation, and a speedy reaction can avert serious consequences .

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