Intruder Alarms

A crucial element when considering having an alarm system installed is to ensure that you choose a security installation company that is NSI approved and Quality assured. NSI is the security industries main governing body, the National Security Inspectorate.. They carry out regular inspections and checks, to ensure installations are carried out to the most exacting standards. A poorly installed alarm system can mean many false alarms, which are a nuisance and will inevitably end up being ignored. A quality installation of the kind installed by Classic Security Solutions will ensure an efficient security system all year round. All our alarm systems are NSI approved to Gold Standard.

The best protection against crime is prevention, and once armed with a sophisticated Classic intruder alarm, criminals know your premises just aren't worth the risk. That's because we can secure your premises and property with not one, but two types of highly effective protection. We call it perimeter protection and interior protection. Both can be used together or separately. It really depends on the level of security you need, and the amount you want to spend.

All under control The control panel is the heart of your security system. We will place it in a discreet location away from prying eyes. Whatever the size of your organisation, the control panel processes all the information sent to it by the systems sensors and alerts our Alarm Receiving Centre, via RedCARE GSM or digital comunicator, who will contact company members, key holders and emergency services when applicable.

Classic Security Solutions provide Security you can trust. We only install the most reliable and advanced products available, all backed up with our NSI approved, quality assured comprehensive support services. Our highly experienced and well trained staff know exactly what is the best way to protect your premises and will be able to recommend the right security equipment for the job.

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