Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV surveillance is having a dramatic impact on successful crime prevention and detection. It's increasing popularity and major advances in technology have made CCTV an affordable option.

For the criminal there is no greater deterrent than the knowledge that they may be “caught on camera”, this in itself is enough to reduce incidences of crime. The police service recognises the importance of the evidence, which can be obtained via a good quality CCTV system and puts great emphasis on its value in the detection and prevention of crime.

There has been a large increase in the number of CCTV surveillance systems in recent years. Such systems are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception and the benefits in terms of peace of mind and security that they bring are impossible to ignore.

Whether you require a state of the art integrated system to protect a premiership football stadium, anti vandal street surveillance, or simply want to monitor your stock or till, you can do no better than talk to the leaders in the field, Classic Security Solutions. We have the experience and expertise necessary to professionally design, install and maintain the ideal CCTV system to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Digital recorders allow the footage from the camera's to be stored on hard disk. This has several advantages including better quality images. Major cost savings can be made as there is no need to replace videotapes annually, there is no VCR to service and the labour costs are saved on rewinding and logging daily tape changes. It is clear that recording your CCTV images digitally is more efficient, better quality and saves money.

Our digital recorders can store 31 days of video footage at a time. When it starts to record day 32, it will record over day 1 and so on. This can simply be left recording with little or no input required from staff on site. If there is an incident that requires reviewing security camera footage, this can be done simply at the press of a button.

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