The theft of state-of-the-art computer equipment is regrettably all too commonplace these days. It's very much on the increase too. If you have been targeted already the chances are that statistically you're likely to be a victim again.

You may already have security equipment in place, but false alarms do happen and the police will now scale down their response following two of these. This makes it even easier for thieves.

Once again Classic Security Solutions can provide you with the ideal solution to protecting your computer hardware - Smokecloak .

A smoke fogging device fitted to your existing alarm system, SmokeCloak cleverly gives your premises a greater degree of protection from thieves.

Once the alarm is activated, the SmokeCloak unit immediately produces a vapour cloud, which effectively reduces visibility to just 30cm! (Glycol-based it is harmless to people, animals and property ) The intruder is thus unable to see what they have been trying to steal. They will be shocked and disorientated by the experience too.

Should the density of the smoke drop before deactivation, the CloakSensor will see this and reactivate the SmokeCloak unit. You r property continues to be protected until an authorised person switches off the alarm.

Easily portable digital cameras, desktop & laptop PC's, printers and scanners are especially vulnerable to theft. Loss of PCs and Apple Macs can mean the loss of valuable data. This is not just inconvenient, but could also lose you business. So don't delay call Classic Security Solutions and protect your business with our Smoke Cloak system. 

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